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SQCCCRC Launched CyberKnifeS7 Radiosurgery Device, The First Of Its Kind In The Region

Sultan Qaboos comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre performed first radiosurgery using CyberKnifeS7, which is the first of its kind in the region, and is used to treat brain, lung, prostate and other micro-tumours in a few sessions ranging from one to five sessions as a maximum. 

Dr Zahid bin Abdullah Al Mandhari, Head of the Radiation Oncology Department: “The device system is characterised by motion synchronisation technology that allows accurate tracking of the tumor location with the patient’s breathing and movement throughout the treatment session, and ensures that the radiation beam is delivered with pinpoint accuracy to preserve as much healthy tissue surrounding the tumor as possible.”With the launch of the device, The Radiation Oncology team started the treatment program for three cases with tumors in the brain, spine and bones. Dr Al Manthari, The Senior Consultant in Radiation Oncology added: “The treatment will be done in fewer sessions ranging from one to five sessions as a maximum. The device will contribute to the treatment of a number of cancer patients, especially those diagnosed with tumors of the brain, spine, lungs, liver and prostate, as well as some types of benign tumors such as acoustic neuroma. where some of these cases were previously treated using the linear accelerator, and other cases were sent for treatment abroad.”Dr Iqbal Al Amri, Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist: “As the device requires accuracy, it took several months to prepare before starting treatment, during which we checked all parts of the device and applied all quality control procedures to ensure the accuracy and safety of radiosurgery. In addition, a number of employees were sent for training at the device manufacturer headquarter.”

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March 22, 2022


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