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Training and Education

Training and Education

The development of human resources in the Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center is very important, so the Education and Training Department is keen to provide a wealth of training and development opportunities for the center’s employees at all levels. Moreover, it seeks to enable them to achieve their full potential by providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills, develop their capabilities, and achieve their personal and professional goals. Besides, benefiting from the talents and skills of the center’s employees by encouraging them to be internal trainers who train their colleagues.

The department’s role and services:

The department’s role is to enhance development and quality in the center by providing a specific system for training requests and discussing them with the concerned committee according to the training policy in the center.

The department also provides a number of services, including:

Training for the center’s staff.
Providing clinical and non-clinical training to employees.
Providing mandatory and non-mandatory training courses and activities.
Obtaining the approval of the Omani Medical Board (OMSB) for educational activities.
Provide non-clinical training to non-staff.
Providing educational programs.
Training on medical machines and equipment.
Provide a training portfolio for all employees.

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