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Training and Academic Development

Training and Academic Development

At SQCCCRC, developing our workforce is of utmost importance. The Training and Academic Development is planning and implementing a wealth of training and development opportunities to all staff categories. We strive to enable our staff to realize their full potential by providing them with opportunities to enrich their skills, develop their capabilities and achieve their personal and professional targets. Our training opportunities include instructor-led and e-learning courses. Moreover, we recognize and utilize the talents and skills we have in the center’s workforce by encouraging them to be in-house trainers and train their colleagues. Furthermore, the department aims to identify and assess the employees’ training needs and design training programs to achieve individual and institution goals.

The department’s role and services:

The department’s role revolves around pushing the wheel of development and quality in the center by offering a specific mechanism for training requests and discussing it with the committee as per the training policy. The department offers and provide (but not limited) the below listed services;

  1. External training programs
  2. Staff clinical and non-clinical training attachment
  3. Mandatory and non-mandatory in-house courses and training activities
  4. OMSB Accreditation for educational activities
  5. Placement / non -clinical internship for non-staff
  6. Educational software
  7. Machine / equipment training

contact us

To apply for Placement / non -clinical Internship for non-staff, please fill in the below registration form and send it by email: