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How to diagnosis gynecological Cancers?

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Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Centre

The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Centre was the vision of his majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. His instruction was to build a medical centre that delivers a comprehensive health care to Cancer patients.

The centre provides health care through a leading multidisciplinary medical staff with considerable potential, proficiencies, and technical readiness that involves modern medical equipment and advanced information systems, and making the principle of “Patient First” its priority.

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SQCCCRC Hosted Omani Urology Society (OUS) Scientific Day 

Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Center and Research Center hosted the Scientific Day of Omani Urology Society (OUS), titled “Genitourinary Malignancy Meeting, GUM”, which aims to discuss the latest developments in diagnosing and treating prostate, bladder, and kidney cancer.

Training workshop on crisis management concluded at SQCCCRC 

In view of the precise specialized nature of the center’s services and to ensure the efficiency in dealing with disasters and the smoothness and continuity of service in all circumstances, Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center (SQCCCRC) organized a training workshop on crisis management targeting members of SQCCCRC’s Disaster Management Committee.

SQCCCRC launched PIPAC treatment for Oncology patient in Oman 

The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre (SQCCCRC), represented by the Gastrointestinal Cancer Program, launched a new treatment service for patients with intractable abdominal cavity tumors represented by the use of the technique of “Pressured Laparoscopic Liquefied Chemotherapy (PIPAC) in the Sultanate of Oman.

Pioneering Surgery performed to control cancer pain

The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre (SQCCCRC), represented by the Interventional Pain Management Team at the Palliative Care Department, confirmed the success of the first-of-its-kind surgery to inject medication to control chronic pain associated with cancer for a patient in Oman.




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How to diagnosis gynecological Cancers?

The diagnosis of any cancer is established on biopsy material. A biopsy is obtained from the tissue or organ where cancer is suspected. The biopsy material is then processed and subjected to examination under the microscope. Biopsy not only provides the diagnosis، but also informs the physicians of several other important parameters pertinent to medical …

What do you know about radioactive seed therapy?

Brachy radiotherapy is a special form of radiotherapy known as brachy, which means short or near, referring to the close distance between the radiation source and the tumor. In contrast to usual external radiotherapy, the potent radioactive source of radiation is placed directly on or inserted into the tumor. This allows for targeted and precise …

How to screen gynecological cancer?

The word ‘Screening’ refers to looking for cancer or the precancerous condition before the onset of symptoms. Through screening, cancer can be detected in the pre-invasive stage or in an early stage of cancer, when treatment is easier, and chances of cure are very high.

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Health Days for Cancers

2023mayWorld Ovarian cancer day 8th MayMonth Long Event (may)

2023mayBladder Cancer Awareness MonthMonth Long Event (may)


Dr. Amna Al Harsiyah – Consultant Palliative Care: “Pain is the first sign of cancer for many patients, and early diagnosis is critical for survival; So, don’t underestimate any kind of pain and report back to your doctor immediately”

Dr. Abeer Al Sayegh - Senior Consultant Genetics: “BRCA1 and BRCA2 germline mutations contribute to a significant number (10-15%) of familial and hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancers. The proportion of high-risk families with breast and/or ovarian cancer cases due to mutations in these tumor suppressor genes varies widely among populations”

Dr. Jorge Abarca – Consultant Infectious Diseases: “MDRO infections pose a significant threat to the cancer population, and it is important for healthcare providers and patients to take steps to reduce the risk of these infections. Effective infection control measures, appropriate use of antibiotics, and increased awareness can help to minimize the spread of MDROs and protect the health of cancer patients”

Dr Ikram Burney – Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology: "According to data from the Globocan, cancers of the female genital track are the 5th most common cause of cancer worldwide, after cancers of the lung, breast, colon and prostate. The three most common forms of gynecological cancers include cancers of the uterine cervix, uterus and the ovaries. Cancer of the uterine cervix is the 3rd most common cause of cancer in women"