Training Programs in 2022

Training Courses 2022

  1. Clinical Trial Workshop. 

  2. Parenteral Nutrition Therapy- Oncology Perspective. 

  3. Radiation Protection Training Program for Nurses in Radionuclide Therapy Ward. 

  4. Hands-on Positioning in Mammography. 

  5. Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment for Gynecological Cancer Survivors with Urinary Incontinence. 

  6. Lymphedema Management in the Oncologist Setting an Evidence-Based Approach. 

  7. Basic Hands-on Laparoscopic Skills. 

  8. Clinical Cultural Competency. 

  9. Safe Handling and Moving Patients Using a Hoist. 

  10. Risk Assessment and Management in Healthcare. 

  11. Compounding Sterile Course. 

  12. Prostate Cancer Low Dose Rate Seed Implant.  

  13.  Weekly Continues Medical Education Hematology Laboratory. 

  14. Journal Club Program. 

  15. Journal Club and Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Updates. 

  16. Multidisciplinary Academic Activities of the Thoracic Head and Neck Program.