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Our Vision, Mission, and Values


Our Vision

"To be a world-leading cancer center in patient care, research, and education, renowned for excellence, innovation, and global impact."


Our Mission

SQCCCRC is committed to provide the appropriate environment for scientific cancer research and patient care. The Centre supports patients, physicians, scientists and staff to continuously advance clinical and scientific innovation in cooperation with government and private institutions inside and outside the Sultanate. Our mission is driven by a commitment to collaboration, discovery, and the pursuit of better cancer care for all.


Our Value

Safety: We provide a safe environment physically and psychologically for our patients, colleagues and community.

Quality: We are committed to excellence by delivering the highest standards of care.

Compassion:We provide the best care; treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy

Collaboration We collaborate to best manage resources to achieve best outcomes in cancer services, research and education.

Creativity/Innovation: We promote innovative ideas and unique talents to harness creativity in patients care and research.

Reliability/Integrity: We adopt the highest level of professional competence and ethical standards.

Confidence/ Trust: We foster a climate of openness in which all treat one another with trust and fairness; supporting open communication to enhance a culture of inclusion and transparency.