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Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Scientific research is integer to the Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center. The center conducts research in its various fields of specialization to find the best ways to treat and care for patients, starting from basic research to clinical research that builds on the results of experiments, to transformative research that takes the information learned. From the experiments to the patient’s bed.

At the Sultan Qaboos Integrated Cancer Research and Treatment Center, our practice and treatment will continually evolve in light of new experience and evidence. In addition, our staff will use the direct experience of patient care into the design and management of research studies.

Scientific Research

The center provides an infrastructure to support patients and volunteers wile assisting clinical researchers to conduct clinical research safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. The role of the research team is to conduct high-quality clinical research in all disciplines.

Research and Clinical Programs

Each clinical program includes clinical experts who work at the national and local levels to ensure studies are successfully submitted and to make people aware of research opportunities for participants to participate in them.

Research Lab

The research laboratory at the Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center was established according to the highest standards and technological techniques used in international research laboratories, to play its role in creating distinguished quality research that contributes to raising the level of medical services provided to cancer patients and methods of treatment.

The laboratory aims to provide an infrastructure and an effective environment for researchers to conduct research and apply it in the center for the benefit of patients by applying the results of these research in preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic applications, in addition to strengthening partnerships with research institutions inside and outside the Sultanate.

The laboratory includes 6 units that overlap in their complementary roles: the molecular analysis unit, the proteomic analysis unit, the bioinformatics unit, the flow cytometry unit, and the tissue culture unit.

Clinical trials

The clinical trials facility provides a coordinated infrastructure to support patients and volunteers and help clinical investigators to conduct clinical research safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Its remit is to develop high quality clinical research in any specialty, but with a specific focus on early-phase clinical trials and experimental medicine.

Members of Research Academic & Ethics Committee:

  • Khadra Ahmed J Jalaal (Senior Consultant Gynecological Oncology)
  • Abeer Al Sayegh (Senior Consultant Genetics)
  • Boris Itkin (Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist)
  • Munjid Al Harthy (Consultant Medical Oncologist)
  • Ibrahim Al Haddabi (Lab senior Consultant)
  • Shoaib Al Zadjali (Senior Specialist (A)-Research Lab)
  • Zamzam Al Hashami (Consultant Medical Oncologist)
  • Huda Al Awaisi (Senior Specialist Nurse (A))
  • Amna Al Hashar (Senior Specialist Pharmacist (A))

Research Submission

Please complete the SQCCCRC Ethics Application Form send it to Institutional Review Board and Ethics Committee email (