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Breast One StopClinic

The majority of female with breast symptoms (almost 80%) have benign disease. However, all patients and there relative have enormous anxiety and the enigma and the taboo of breast cancer is the only preoccupying disease. Breast one stop clinic is the clinic where almost 80% of females will be reassured. This service provides women with breast mass of an unascertained nature (benign vs. malignant) undergo a multimodality e.g. physical examination, imaging, fine needle aspiration, cytology and biopsy. Evaluation during same visit and average of 96% cases leave the clinic with definitive diagnosis already booked for further therapy if needed.

At Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Centre, we have launched breast practice- Breast One Stop Clinic dedicated in providing comprehensive breast care within breast practice. We have an expert and experienced team consisting of breast consultant, radiologist, pathologist and specialist breast care nurse who work very closely with multidisplinary team to provide you with highest standard of care which individually tailored to meet your specific needs.

One stop clinic

Initially you will meet the surgeon who will ask you some questions about your symptoms, the duration and some other needed information to reach the diagnosis. The diagnostic tests will be done and the results should be with you within few hours.

These diagnostic tests are as follows:

Clinical breast examination:

In the presence of the specialist breast care nurse, if abnormality is detected the surgeon will order some investigations.

  • Mammography:

Amammogram is a special x- ray of the breast. Mammogram are usually recommended for women aged 35 and over, as younger women generally have denser breast tissue which has poor sensitivity. In order to take a mammogram, the breast is compressed between a camera and x –ray plate, the patient may feel uncomfortable but it only lasts only for few seconds. Each breast is normally x- rayed from two different angles.

  • Breast Ultrasound:

Ultrasound scan use wave to produce picture of the breast. Ultrasound scan is often taken as well as mammogram. The radiologist applies a clear gel to the skin of the breast and then presses a special probe over the area to obtain the ultrasound picture. Ultrasound scanning is a painless procedure.

  • Histopathology:

Cytologytest with Fine Nedle Aspiration (FNAC):

Cytology test with Fine Needle Aspiration (FNAC) allows fluid to be drained from cysts which can be used to obtain cell samples for analysis. It is done without local anesthesia.

The doctor will perform the fine needle aspiration using a needle and syringes. Although patient may feel uncomfortable, it is usually over very quickly.

Core Biopsy:

A biopsy allows a sample of breast tissue to be taken for analysis. The sample is taken -under local anesthesia- with a special biopsy needle. Later you may feel some discomfort; you can use painkiller.e.g. paracetamol.

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