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Why are Breast Implants Important for Women Who have had their Complete Excision?

When women undergo complete mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment, they face significant physical and psychological challenges that may persist for many years even after completing their breast cancer treatments; this can significantly negatively affect their personal and social quality of life.

Physiotherapy Improves the Quality of Life of Cancer Survivors: A Case Study

Management of gynaecological cancers require integrated multi-disciplinary care. Besides the gynaecological, medical and radiation oncologists, multidisciplinary management requires clinical nurse specialists, geneticists and counsellors, psychiatrists, palliative care specialists, clinical pharmacists, clinical nutritionists, and physiotherapists. Using the case study of a patient who underwent treatment at the SQCCCRC, we write to highlight the role and importance …

Decoding Our DNA: The Breakthrough of Whole Exome Sequencing at SQCCCRC

Imagine having the ability to look deep into our genetic code to uncover the secrets held within our DNA. This is no longer just a thought for the future, but a reality at the Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center (SQCCCRC) in Oman. Our dedicated research scientists have introduced a groundbreaking test that …

Thriving, not Just Surviving: Empowering Cancer Patients to Live Well

Improving the quality of life for cancer patients (living with cancer: beyond survival). Diagnosing cancer presents enormous challenges, affecting not only physical health but also emotional, social, and spiritual health. Recognizing this, quality of life has become a key focus in cancer care, intending to help patients live well alongside treatment and recovery.

Cervical cancer in light of comprehensive care!

Worldwide, January is observed as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. It is an excellent opportunity for the staff of Women Health Program at SQCCCRC to write a few lines to raise awareness about cancer of the cervix amongst community in Oman. Cervical cancer is preventable, while it develops, it can be detected early through screening, and …