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How Can We Learn to Practice Psychological Resilience?

Gynecological cancers have been increasingly seen as a public health concern due to several factors which are linked to the global rise in the incidence rates, the late presentation of the disease, and the high number of relapses. Additionally, the unique nature of the disease itself involving the most intimate female organs put an additional …

How to initiate your own clinical trial? From heart to heart!

One of the major privileges of clinicians working in world-class research centres is the opportunity to participate in clinical research. Most patients who come to such institutions are willing to take part in meaningful studies that could potentially revolutionise medical practice and enhance their own and other patients’ treatment outcomes.

The social worker…an exceptional role in health care for cancer patients

The Center paid great attention to activate the role of the social worker at the clinical/medical level, a service that distinguishes the Center due to its commitment to providing integrated care for cancer patients.

Beyond the Scale: Understanding Malnutrition in Cancer Care

Malnutrition is a significant concern in the context of cancer care, an issue that extends far beyond mere weight loss. Although the term “malnutrition” often evokes images of extreme emaciation and declining scales, its impact on individuals grappling with cancer is a multifaceted problem that encompasses more than just the numbers on a scale. Malnutrition …

Hepatocellular carcinoma in Oman

What do you know about hepatocellular carcinoma in Oman? Approximately 60 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) were detected in Oman in 2019, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health, while the actual number is higher. Approximately 85% of HCC cases occurs in the presence of damaged liver parenchyma including chronic viral hepatitis …

I am having a nuclear medicine study…should I be worried?   

A lot of people get a bit apprehensive when they hear the word “nuclear medicine”, mainly because they associate it with more sinister and historic events, like nuclear explosions and weapons, however the reality is far from that.

I am a genetic counsellor! What is this you may ask?

Genetic counsellors are specialists with expert knowledge in human genetics, counselling and health communication skills. They work as part of a team, usually with medical specialists such as clinical geneticists, oncologists, surgeons etc.

The role of Physiotherapy in the management of gynaecological cancers

Physiotherapy focus on movement science helping individuals to maintain and maximize their physical strength, range of motion, functional and overall well-being. Also, physiotherapy interventions have been proven to be effective in addressing major complications of arising from gynaecological cancer, or its treatment. Furthermore, physiotherapy plays an important in the survivorship program of patients diagnosed with …

Do not worry.. Cancer is not stigma!

Stigma has been defined as a process in which a person is perceived as a broken, labelled collection of several parts, rather than a whole human entity (Goffman,1963). Linked with stigma are feelings of shame and inferiority (Lim & Tan, 2014; Noroozi et al., 2018). Stigma can be associated with any phenomenon or characteristic that …

Clinical staging of gynecological cancers

Clinical staging is used to determine the extent and spread of cancer within the body before treatment starts. The location from where the cancer originates is called the ‘primary site’. The extent to which the tumor has spread at the time of diagnosis is called ‘clinical stage’ in medical lexicon. At the time of diagnosis, …