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Management of gynecological Cancers across the continuum of care – Part 1

This is first of a series of several articles intended to increase awareness about cancers of the female genital tract. Management of cancer can be seen across the continuum of care, from prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and symptom management through survivorship.

The Impact of Multi-Drug resistant Organisms on Cancer Patients

MDRO stands for Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms, which are microorganisms that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. This means that the standard treatment options for infections caused by these organisms are limited, making it difficult to control and treat such infections.

cancer pain: questions and answers

Pain is the first sign of cancer for many patients, and early diagnosis is critical for survival; So don’t underestimate any kind of pain and report back to your doctor immediately. Do not let pain become severe to tell you that you have cancer, prevention and early diagnosis can defeat cancer. Cancer pain can be …

What do you know about thyroid cancer?

Thyroid follicular epithelial-derived cancers include papillary, follicular, and anaplastic cancer. Papillary and follicular cancers are considered differentiated cancers, and patients with these tumors are often treated similarly despite numerous biologic differences.

Genetic mutations associated with closed communities in BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 germline mutations contribute to a significant number (10-15%) of familial and hereditary breast and/or ovarian cancers. The proportion of high-risk families with breast and/or ovarian cancer cases due to mutations in these tumor suppressor genes varies widely among populations.

How do you take care of your mouth during cancer treatment?

How do you take care of your mouth during cancer treatment? Article: Dr. Nadiya AlKindi – Consultant Special Care DentistrySome of the cancer treatments can cause mouth discomfort and pain. This may be due to mucositis or dry mouth.To assist patients in reducing the effects of these complications, it is important to follow some simple …

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Services, Programs and Goals

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation play an important role in the recovery process of a cancer patient. Here, we approach this treatment, its fields and goals through an interview with Mr. Sulaiman Saif Al Alawi – Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center.

Beware … Google is not the source!

The patient s’ attempt to educate themselves about cancer is a step in the right direction towards raising their level of awareness in dealing with the disease and its effects, especially from a psychological and social point of view. However, reliance on inaccurate sources remains a step that may lead to undesirable results. Here we …

Palliative care for cancer patients: Concept and challenges

Palliative care for cancer patients: Concept and challenges Article: Dr. Amna Al-Harsi – Palliative Care ConsultantPalliative care is a medical science that carries the philosophy of treating symptoms, relieving suffering, and focusing on quality of life when a patient faces life-threatening diseases such as malignant diseases, fatal chronic diseases, or diseases related to aging.The World …

Psychological Support for Cancer Patient Family… is it Necessary?

Does the family need psychological support like a cancer patient does? Here we are interviewing Dr. Zena Marwan Al Sharbati a Senior Specialist -A- Clinical Psychology at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre on the various areas of psychological support for the family, besides to exploring the extent to which the Omani family …