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SQCCCRC performs soft operation surgeries

The first two surgeries for cancer patients have been performed at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre (SQCCCRC) as part of a soft operation in the Operation Theatre unit.

Dr. Adel Al Ajmi, Senior Consultant Breast Reconstruction Surgeon: “The operations unit at the centre is equipped with the latest devices and technologies to deal with very complex and sensitive surgeries. With our qualified cadres, we will be able to perform various advanced operations for cancer patients as well as correction and reconstruction operations.”

The Surgical Oncology Unit At SQCCCRC provides the highest level of surgical care to patients and supports them based on a multidisciplinary approach that reduces patients waiting time and responds quickly to all patients’ needs and provides them with the necessary evidence-based health care with strict adherence to international treatment protocols.

At SQCCCRC a range of surgical interventions performed by qualified, experienced, highly trained consultants in oncology surgery and its subspecialties. The necessary surgeries are performed of all kinds, depending on the patient’s type of cancer and how advanced it is, surgery can be used to remove the entire tumor, debulk a tumor, or ease cancer symptoms. The surgery can be open surgery or minimally invasive operations (endoscopic) that help speed recovery.

The center’s operating rooms are also comparable to the best-operating units in the world, as they are equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, some of which are available for the first time in the Sultanate, which facilitates and support the work of the surgical team to provide unique surgical services such as microsurgical endoscopes with 4K technology and locating tumors with infrared radiation during operations. In addition, there are modern devices that deliver heated chemotherapy into the peritoneum for advanced cancer cases.

The Operating Unit includes several surgical specialties such as lower and upper gastrointestinal surgery, rare tumor operations, liver and pancreatic tumors surgery, urology as well as breast and gynecological tumor surgery.

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