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Initiatives for cancer patient

In an effort to provide integrated services to patients, Holistic Care Department recently conducted a number of initiatives for cancer patients. Holistic Wellness program included Skin and beauty care, change your routine and supportive psychotherapy.

Bashaer Al Muqbaliya, a social worker, said: “Caring for cancer patients requires integrated treatment program. This program seeks to help cancer patients deal with the physical, psychological and social changes accompanying the disease and adapt to them to continue treatment in a positive and high morale.”

The program targets all cancer patients who are interested in skin and beauty care to help patients deal with the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Dr Abla Al Ismailia, a dermatologist and Reem Akram, Makeup Artist conducted 2 -hours live workshop. They offered instructions and tips for dealing with appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

Another supportive program conducted was change your routine. Wedad Al Siyabi, psychologist said: “The trips were designed to be part of group therapy, so we recently launched our first recreational trips for patients sponsored by Change your Routine company. The program included a cruise from Qantab to one of the islands, where the participants on the island practiced a number of activities such as hiking, kayaking and yoga. In addition, a supportive psychotherapy session was also provided so patients shared their experiences with other patients.”