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Completion of Parenteral Nutrition Therapy course

With more than 20 participants, the Department of Pharmacy, in cooperation with the Department of Training and Development, concluded the training course in parenteral nutrition PN therapy from an oncology perspective.

The Course targeted Pharmacists, Physicians, and Healthcare Professionals who are interested in PN. The speakers presented an overview of PN therapy to determine appropriate indications, PN routes,
and compositions based on patient clinical status. In addition to an explanation of the differences of PN therapy for patients with cancer, cardiac and pulmonary, renal failure, and liver impairment.

Ph. Maha Osama Abdallah, Senior Specialist Pharmacist, said: “The course aimed to enrich healthcare workers interested in PN with up-to-date evidence-based practice. The workshop agenda included pharmaceutical, clinical, as well as prescription-based topics to suit all types of participants.”

Ph. Dawood Sulaiman Al Salhi, Head of Compounding Section: “This course was an excellent tool to identify knowledge gaps among health care workers regarding PN therapy, highlight unsafe practices in this field, and guide future areas of learning, aiming to provide an excellent service to our patients.”

Ph. Fatima Al Qalhati, Pharmacist: “This was a very immersive and interesting course. I got to know experience and knowledge in using parenteral nutrition PN therapy which is useful and effective in our field.”