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Why are Breast Implants Important for Women Who have had their Complete Excision?

Article: Laila Al Balushi – Nurse Specialist in Breast Oncology – Master of Advanced Nursing.

When women undergo complete mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment, they face significant physical and psychological challenges that may persist for many years even after completing their breast cancer treatments; this can significantly negatively affect their personal and social quality of life.

Scientific studies have confirmed that complete mastectomy without restoration or plastic surgery causes effects and deep psychological disorders in women, such as depression and anxiety about self-image, and confirmed that not all women with breast cancer can have a reconstruction or plastic surgery for reasons due to the size of the tumor, and its stage!

Therefore, alternatives found for these cases, such as woolen or cotton fillings, silicone implants, or others, as fillings are an important tool that helps this category of women deal with the physical changes that have occurred to them and works to restore and enhance self-confidence after the removal process.

Physically, the fillers contribute to a visual balance of the body. After mastectomy, an imbalance in body shape and balance can occur, and women may feel asymmetry and harmony in physical shape; here the implants work to compensate for the lost breast and provide a natural shape for the chest, thus enhancing physical harmony and coordination and contributing to the restoration of the woman to her natural shape.

Psychologically, fillings of all kinds play an important role in restoring a woman’s self-assurance to her self-confidence; after a mastectomy, a woman can feel a loss of femininity and attractiveness, and this affects her self-image and psychology, but thanks to the implants, women can restore the natural shape of the chest and fill the void caused by breast loss, which helps her restore self-confidence and improve her self-image in front of society.

Fillings not only play a physical and psychological role, but also contribute to restoring a woman’s natural lifestyle, as women can dress confidently and take part in daily and life activities such as attending family events and gatherings normally. The fillings enhance the quality of life of women and help them adapt to the new physical changes resulting from the surgery.

Here, the role of society becomes important through its awareness of the importance of fillings for women who have removed the mast, as this awareness contributes to women’s acceptance and support in the use of implants in the first stage and can reduce monopoly and social prejudices that women may face after mastectomy, which spreads the spirit of solidarity and community support for these women.

Society can provide moral and emotional support to women and encourage them to make proper decisions about the use of fillings and can push women towards enhancing communication and understanding between them and their health care team by encouraging them to seek the support and information necessary to make resolutions.

Community awareness also contributes to promoting research and innovation in the field of fillings and the development of modern technologies and materials that better meet the needs of women, as it can encourage companies and institutions to provide more options and products available to women in this aspect.

The goal of breast implants is to improve the quality of care and support women in their journey after mastectomy, achieve the well-being of the affected woman in the community and help them adapt to physical changes after mastectomy.

There can be many communities support available to women who have undergone a mastectomy due to cancer. These include:

  1. Emotional Support: Society can provide emotional support by understanding women, talking to them, and listening to their experiences and fears.
  2. Awareness and Education: This can include holding awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops to promote awareness and provide correct and useful information about the importance of implants for women who have had breast implants.
  3. Financial Support: Community institutions can provide financial support to set up initiatives to make high-quality fillings for women who have had their breast implants.
  4. Abolition of Negative Cultural Pattern: that is, the pattern related to the standards of beauty, self-confidence and body, and society’s encouragement to accept aesthetic diversity and think more holistically and flexibility about the aesthetic concept.
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