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Vision, Mission, and Core Values

SQCCCRC has foreseen that there is a greater way to treat patients with cancer. Its vision, mission and core values signify the commitment to providing high-quality, evidenced-based patient-centered care to all its cancer patients.


We shall be the leading and primary cancer care in the Sultanate of Oman based on the excellence of our people in the fields of patient care, research, and academia. We will focus on developing outstanding programs that integrate patient care, research and continual introduction of promising new methods of treatment and prevention.


SQCCCRC is committed to provide excellent, evidence-based care for patients we serve while building an environment to continuously advance clinical and scientific innovation in the treatment of cancer. It is anticipated that SQCCCRC will play a national role through promotion of collaborations in cancer research with all national and international and government institutions inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman.

Core Values

The principles that guide the SQCCCRC practice are patient-centered.  To provide compassionate, individualized care for our patients close to our patients’ home and to recognize and support the central role of clinical research in advancing cancer care and prevention.