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Training Course to Develop the Skills of Social Workers in Cancer Care

The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre (SQCCCRC) concluded a training course program developing the skills of social workers. This comes as part of SQCCCRC’s efforts to empower the social worker at a clinical level and enrich their knowledge and skills in the management of cancer patients.

The five-day course included several topics and practical applications in case studies, assessing patient needs, designing treatment plans, and authoring professional reports, in addition to designing a case management model. Professor Muhammad bin Misfer Al Qarni, a specialist in the field of clinical social work, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presented the course.

Entesar Mohammed Al Yafai, a social worker, said: “Social worker has a positive impact on raising the quality of social care provided to cancer patients at SQCCCRC. Therefore, the course comes for continuous development of the skills of the social worker team and improving their capabilities.” The workshop focused on case management and assessment methodologies, and the mechanism for delivering accurate and effective clinical social interventions to patients.

It is worth noting that, coinciding with the beginning of receiving patients at SQCCCRC in 2021, a four-month development program was organized for social workers. The program aims to qualify social workers in the medical field to provide clinical social care for cancer patients, within the integrated care programs.

The social worker is a member of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) that provides comprehensive care for cancer patients at SQCCCRC. They study the patient’s social and financial situation, providing MDT members with information and exchanging recommendations to improve the quality of life of patients and remove obstacles that hinder their treatment and life.

The social worker at SQCCCRC helps patients and their families to cope with cancer stress and effects on their social relationships, daily routines, and economic affairs. They make hard efforts to reintegrate survivors into society and provide support and consolation to families of patients in the advanced stages of the disease.

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