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Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Centre achieves international accreditation certificate (JCI)

The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center has obtained the international accreditation certificate from the Joint Commission International (JCI) after successfully meeting all the conditions and requirements for this accreditation.

This came after the completion of a four-day field visit by the international judges and experts to the center, to assess the extent to which the various departments and units of the center adhere to the best global practices in clinical service quality, patient safety, and the efficiency of medical and administrative staff, according to the committee’s adopted standards and measurement elements.

On this occasion, Professor Dr. Mansour bin Saif Al-Moundhri, the Chairman of the Executive Committee at the center, congratulated the administrative and medical staff at the center, appreciating their dedicated efforts throughout the intensive preparation period to meet the accreditation standards according to the established action plan, which culminated in a well-deserved achievement with the center obtaining accreditation within a record time of less than two years since its operation.

Prof. Al-Moundhri added that the accreditation confirms the high quality of healthcare services provided by the center, as well as the efficiency of the administrative and medical staff, which will benefit the patients and beneficiaries of its services. It heralds a forthcoming stage of achievements that will consolidate the center’s position among specialized healthcare centers for cancer treatment and research regionally and internationally.

The accreditation certificate provided by the Joint Commission International (JCI) is one of the most important certificates sought by healthcare institutions, given the meticulous and rigorous evaluation process that includes all aspects of the institution’s work. The evaluation process included over 250 main criteria, encompassing more than 1,000 sub-elements to measure the quality and safety of healthcare services.

Dr. Khaled Al-Bimani, the Head of Quality and Accreditation Department at the center, stated, “The committee grants accreditation to any healthcare institution based on measuring the quality and continuity of care, patient safety, patient and family rights, patient assessment, surgical and anesthesia care, treatment management and medication use, patient and family education, quality improvement, infection prevention and control, facility management and safety, staff qualifications and education, information management, professional medical education, and finally, research programs. In addition to all administrative aspects to comply with the standards adhered to by the best healthcare centers worldwide.”

Dr. Al-Bimani emphasized that obtaining the accreditation certificate provided by the Joint Commission International (JCI) was the result of strenuous efforts and dedicated work involving all the staff at the center. The members of the international committee highlighted the center’s exceptionally high levels of quality in terms of safety and healthcare for patients, indicating the advanced position that the center can achieve among its counterparts worldwide. This necessitates continued work to enhance the quality of services and healthcare provided and maintain its highest levels to preserve this advanced international ranking.

It is worth mentioning that the center’s journey to achieve international accreditation began in 2019 with the evaluation of the center’s architectural design, followed by setting standards for practices, policies, and procedures to guide the work. The committee also conducted an assessment of the center before its operational launch in July 2021 to verify the safety and security of the building for patient reception and the provision of advisory and training services to the staff. This was followed by an initial visit by the committee to monitor the center’s performance in August 2022, which qualified the center for the initial evaluation stage, and finally, the final evaluation and obtaining international accreditation.

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