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(SQCCT) Creativity in Enhancing Internal Communication

Since its establishment in March 2022, the Creative Center Team (SQCCT) has organized activities and events to enhance employees’ internal communication. The goal is to provide them with a knowledge and skill-building experience that uplifts their competencies in the work environment, especially with recent graduates eager to contribute their scientific and life experiences and aspiring for broader opportunities for learning and contribution. Here are some highlights of what the team has accomplished during this period: 

SQCCT Cultural Competition (Who Will Win the Cup?):

 The competition involved 14 units within the center competing for the cup. The three-week competition during the blessed month of Ramadan concluded with the reception and sterilization departments ascending. The Admission Office and Patient Flow won first place and gold, while the CSSD Department secured the silver cup. The competition received widespread celebration and acceptance, successfully educating employees in various scientific fields.

SQCCT First Forum (Talents from Our Center):

This event aimed to showcase employees’ talents at the Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center. The forum featured eight sections: photography, writing, drawing, Arabic calligraphy, voice commentary, business projects, musical performances, and more. Held on the ground floor, the forum allowed visitors to explore the employees’ ideas, work, and achievements, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Cultural Exhibition (The World in SQCCCRC):

 Employees from six countries participated in this event, including Oman, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Sudan, and South Africa. The exhibition, held in the second-floor garden of the center, provided employees with insights into the highlighted features, customs, clothing, and cuisines of the participating countries. Participants could take commemorative photos at each station and enjoy listening to famous national songs from different cultures.

Ramadan Football League (First and Second Editions):

Organized by SQCCT, these leagues saw intense competition between center departments, spanning three weeks each. The Holistic Care team won the first edition, while the Radiology team secured victory in the second. The organizing team honored participants and presented awards for being the best player and goalkeeper, fostering interactive employee relationships.

First Chess League:

 SQCCT organized a chess competition among center employees who enjoyed the game. The competition, lasting three weeks during the blessed month of Ramadan, saw intense and strategic competition, with employee Rozlito Salvana emerging as the winner and Mahmoud El-Fishawi securing second place.

Art Exhibition: 

SQCCT dedicated an art exhibition to Dr. Aref Zarebi, showcasing nine paintings created by his artistic brushes. The exhibition, held on the ground floor, received significant interaction from employees and visitors, with Dr. Zarebi signing miniature souvenir models of his paintings.

SQCCT Second Forum (Teach Me a Skill in Minutes):

 This unique forum coincided with celebrating International Arabic Language Day on December 18 and the ongoing events in Gaza and Palestinian resistance. The forum focused on providing information and resources that enabled visitors to acquire new life and work skills. Featured sections included Free Palestine, Arabic Calligraphy, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, the Basics of Phone Photography, and Sign Language.

SQCCT Broadcast:

 The broadcast was a seamless and rapidly interactive communication tool among center employees. Educational posts, tips, guidance, and motivational phrases were shared, along with interactive competitions that garnered broad participation. Notable competitions included Best Video about Your Day at SQCCCRC, Best Photo in the Blessed Eid and Month, and International Arabic Language Day.

The team also produced celebratory videos, such as the Women’s Day, National Day, and New Year’s videos.

 The SQCCT team’s creativity in organizing diverse and engaging activities has significantly contributed to fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere within the center. The events promote teamwork and celebrate the employees’ diverse talents and cultures, creating a vibrant and inclusive workplace environment.

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