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SQCCCRC participates in the Oman Science Festival

The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center (SQCCCRC) corners and activities at the Oman Science Festival witnessed a remarkable presence, in its first participation in the festival, which lasted for six days and was attended by more than 250,000, visitors where scientific experiments, innovations and programs have been presented. 

The Oman Science Festival is one of the most important festivals that attract a large number of visitors in the Sultanate. Its third edition held under the slogan “Together we Live the Passion of Science”, which aims to spread the culture of science in an interactive way. 

Dr. Shoaib Al Zadjali, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for SQCCCRC’s participation in OSF, stated: “The Centers’ participation in the Oman Science Festival came to showcase the Center’s role in treating and rehabilitating cancer patients using innovative technologies, devices and scientific research in this field, through a series of activities, scientific experiments, games and interactive workshops wherein the visitors and attendees participated.  

Dr. Al Zadjali added: “The activities and events of the Center participating in the festival were designed in a way that simulates the path of the patient in the Center, starting with the interactive screen that includes visual clips from the various departments and units of the Center, then explaining how cancer occurs and forms by using an interactive game of the DNA model to explain the genetic mutations that can occur.”  

The visitors then move to the station of the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department, where specialists explain methods of diagnosing cancer using modern radiological imaging devices and the mechanism of taking a biopsy from the tumor.  In the laboratory section, visitors had the opportunity to see a number of real models of cancerous cells and tissues of the body’s organs and identify the difference between the irregular and normal cells. 

In Pharmacy Department Station the visitors participated in workshops for the preparation of chemical drugs composition and watch a Simulation of the work of (Antibody-drug conjugates) that become a powerful class of therapeutic agents in oncology, through VR game and 3D model of the stomach.  The Radiation Oncology team also introduced visitors to radiotherapy and its importance to cancer patients.  Visitors toured the department and its various units virtually using VR technology, and saw a 3D model of the Cyberknife S7 radiosurgery device, which is one of the latest and most accurate devices used in radiotherapy. 

The Clinical Nutrition Department also gave an introductory overview of the role of clinical nutrition in the patient’s treatment journey, and the specialists answered visitors’ questions about a healthy lifestyle and foods that can prevent or cause cancer. In the rehabilitation department station, visitors enjoyed a lot of fun and entertainment by experiencing educational games and challengesused in physical, occupational and speech therapy in Holistic care department at SQCCCRC. 

As part of the center’s participation in Oman Science festival, Dr. Abeer Al Saegh presented a lecture at Ibn Al-Haytham Theater, entitled “Genetics and its Medical Applications in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer.” 

The festival, which was held in its third edition on an area estimated at (12,000) square meters and included (70) stations, aims to present science to students and society members in interactive ways that stimulate creative thinking, find a positive trend towards science, innovation and scientific research, and keep pace with global trends based on publishing science and technology and expected future changes and developments, encouraging students to realize the importance of science in life and urging them to innovate, enhancing their skills to integrate into the knowledge-based economy, and to continue learning in scientific disciplines. 

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