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SQCCCRC Marked Malnutrition Awareness Week

In a mission to prevent malnutrition among cancer patients the  Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center (SQCCCRC) has organized the second edition of Malnutrition Awareness Week last (please state the date)   It also aims in improving malnutrition assessment and diagnostic tools. 

The occasion featured educational events and two webinars focused on Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment, providing healthcare providers with valuable insights from leading experts. In addition, The Art of Healthy Cooking workshop was held for the benefit of cancer patients in educating them how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals that are tailored to provide them continuous nourishment of their well-being.

Dietitian Salma Al Mahrouqi said: “The second edition of the Malnutrition Awareness Week at SQCCCRC was a resounding success, with excellent feedback from participants. The week’s activities attracted a large number of participants from both patients and Medical Care communities. 

She added: ““Malnutrition is a significant concern in the context of cancer care due to its significant impact on the patient’s response to treatment and their ability to adhere to the treatment plan, in addition to the weakness of the immune system, delayed wound healing, and other problems. Therefore, the campaign came with the aim of raising awareness among patient and medical providers in a desire to discover cases at risk of malnutrition early and take appropriate measures to prevent complications.” 

Al Mahrouqi highlighted the crucial role of addressing malnutrition in cancer care. She emphasized the need for a comprehensive understanding and a proactive approach in fighting malnutrition, benefiting both patient well-being and the healthcare system. 

Dietitian Hanan Al Shaqsi, a master’s student interning at the University of Kansas Medical Center, conducted a virtual presentation in front of the multidisciplinary team meeting. She emphasizes the importance of accurate malnutrition diagnosis within hospital settings and discussed the use of validated tools such as the AND/ASPEN Malnutrition Diagnostic Criteria in clinical settings for effective malnutrition assessment. 

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department at SQCCCRC marked the culmination of the week with an engaging exhibition. Where the visitors were introduced to the different measurement tools used to assess loss of muscle and fat mass in the body. In addition, they had the opportunity to have their body composition analyzed using a body composition analyzer. 

Dietitian Amal Al-Adawi added: “During the exhibition the dietitian team played a substantial role in educating and empowering the visitors. Educational brochures packed with valuable nutritional advice were provided, with a special focus on recipes for high-protein and energy-rich foods and drinks designed to combat malnutrition.” 

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