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محاضرة في الأمن السيبراني

SQCCCRC Conducted Cybersecurity Awareness Day

In conjunction with global efforts to raise awareness of cybersecurity, the Department of Informatics and Cybersecurity at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center (SQCCCRC) highlights these efforts by holding a Cybersecurity Day event.

Ms. Nooriya Al-Abri, in charge of managing the work of the cybersecurity team at SQCCCRC said: “’The event aims to increase employees’ awareness of the importance of protecting data and infrastructure considering the increase and development of cyber-attacks. It also aims to raise awareness of cyberspace risks and how to mitigate them.”

The cybersecurity team presented (in a mini exhibition) the technologies used and information about the latest cyber-attacks and the mechanism for confronting them. It is important to focus on security awareness and educate employees about all cyberspace risks measures and their mitigation by following the best practices. This is one of the basic reasons and methods for reducing cybersecurity risks at the level of individuals and institutions, which may also pose a high level of risk if it is not considered and developed.

As part of the day’s activities, the Cyber Defense Center presented a lecture entitled ‘Cyberspace Risks,’ introducing the concept of cyberspace, associated risks, cyber threats, challenges to cybersecurity, and methodologies for managing these risks at both individual and institutional levels.  Additionally, service providers in the Informatics and Cybersecurity Department, along with those responsible for it and all employees, are encouraged to apply the best security practices. This includes following appropriate cybersecurity measures, improving the level of service in resisting and responding to cyber-attacks, and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information related to protecting the public interest and users’ interests. This contributes to raising the level of cybersecurity maturity while emphasizing the need to protect organizational and personal data.

Moreover, engineers from Diyar United Company delivered an awareness lecture in the field of information security, covering the concept of cybersecurity and information security. They addressed hacker methods such as electronic phishing, social engineering, and ransomware hacking. Furthermore, they clarified the consequences resulting from the occurrence of breaches. The lecture explained the mechanism for defending against attacks, monitoring systems, securing devices, applications, and networks. It also educated employees about how to reduce and prevent these threats, emphasizing the most important precautionary measures. 

In conclusion of the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Mr. Abdulhamid Turkomani, the Head of IT Department, presented a commemorative shield to Professor Mansour bin Saif Al Moundhri, the Chairman of the Operational Committee at SQCCCRC, and Mr. Ahmed Al-Farsi, the Deputy CEO for Support Services. This gesture was in appreciation of their efforts in supporting the department’s initiatives and enabling employees to carry out their tasks for the benefit of the Center.

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