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Policies and Regulations

  1. 1. Recruitment
  2. 2. Contract of Service
  3. 3. Probationary Period
  4. 4. Job Description
  5. 5. Employee Induction Program
  6. 6. Job Responsibilities
  7. 7. Official Working Hours and Days
  8. 8. Public Holidays
  9. 9. Travel
  10. 10. Housing
  11. 11. Health Benefits
  12. 12. Training and Development
  13. 13. Job Performance Appraisal
  14. 14. Promotion and Incentives
  15. 15. Leaves
    1. 15.1. Annual Leave
    2. 15.2. Sick Leave
    3. 15.3. Emergency Leave
    4. 15.4. Al Hajj Leave
    5. 15.5. Maternity Leave
  16. 16. Expiration or Termination of the Contract of Service
  17. 17. End of Service Benefits (Gratuity)


We aim to employ the highly qualified staff to deliver the ascribed functions of SQCCRC. We recruit and promote staff based on their merits, qualifications, job performance in executing their assigned job duties. SQCCCRC will allow you to do your best and most personally fulfilling your work.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) are received by the Human Resources Department and reviewed by an authorized personnel depending on their specialties. Subsequently, applicants who succeeded in the review process are shortlisted, scheduled for interview for the final selection and ultimately start of the recruitment process.

In order to start recruitment process, the following documents are required to be submitted to the Human Resources Department.

  • – A completed application (Employee Data Form)
  • – Copies of School/University (Graduate) Certificates and/or Training Certificates
  • – Copy of Passport + four recent personal photos
  • – Copy of Identification Card
  • – Medical Examination (must not be over six months old)
  • – Bank account number (for salary purposes)

All university graduate and/or training certificates must be authenticated by the Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB), the agency (here) in Oman responsible for verification of all health professional certificates.

Contract of Service

All Employees are provided with a written “Contract of Service” between the Employer and the Employee.   The standard Contract of Service includes employment commencement date, salary package, terms and conditions of the employment contract service.   The Employee is automatically bound by the terms of any new laws promulgated by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman and the Sultan Qaboos University Council.

The Employee should affix his/her signature of acceptance in the contract offer.  Two copies are prepared – a copy to the Employee and a copy for the Employer for Human Resources file.

Should an Employee require any clarification in the ‘contract of service’ they should contact the Center’s Human Resources Department.

Probationary Period

The Employee shall serve a probationary period of three (3) months and can be extended up to six (6) months from the date of his/her first appointment.  However, if during this period, the Employee is found to be unsuitable for the post, the Employer shall have the right to terminate his/her appointment, without any due notice.

Job Description

A job description is an internal document that clearly states an outline of job duties and responsibilities, and required qualifications.  It can help identify particular skills or abilities that are necessary to perform the functions of the job position.   Staff members will receive a copy of their job description which outline details of their job duties, position in the organization structure and whom to report to.   The job description may also address quality and quantity of performance standards on which yearly appraisal could be based on.

Employee Induction Program

The purpose of the induction program is to help new Employees settle into their new position at the Center.  Induction program is where the new staff members are integrated into the Center in a planned and systematic way; to be informed about their job, conditions of employment, and the standards of performance and conduct expected from them.

The Human Resources Department prepares an induction program for all new Employees, in cooperation with other Departments. The program includes the following:

  • A general induction program to introduce the Employees to the Center’s vision, mission, strategic objectives, the general organizational structure and significant policies and procedures of human resources, as well as introducing them to Clinical Induction Program.
  • An induction program about the department where the new Employee will work, to introduce him/her to the department’s objectives, its administrative organizational structure and important responsibilities of the department in general, and those specifically related to the Employee, and giving the Employee their job description.

Job Responsibilities

The Employee shall:

  1. – Maintain the Center’s assets and preserve its possessions, and use them only for their designated purpose.
  2. – Maintain complete confidentiality in respect to his/her job or the Center’s work in general.  All information related to the Center or patients is strictly confidential, and is only disclosed to people directly involved in dealing with it.
  3. – Inform his/her superiors about any negligence, omission or violation in following regulations and instructions, and offer suggestions that he/she sees useful to improve the work and raise the performance level of the Center.
  4. – Refrain from doing any act that interferes with his/her job responsibilities and that negatively affects the Center or his/her superiors, subordinates, colleagues,  or anyone related to his/her work.
  5. – Carry out the job responsibilities stipulated in the internal regulations and the regulations issued thereunder and any other duties officially assigned to him/her.  Furthermore, the Employee shall devote all official work hours to his/her duties and responsibilities, and in some cases, may be assigned to work during public holidays if the interest of the Center requires so.
  6. – Adhere to the Center’s rules, and the regulations issued thereunder, and be loyal and dedicated to the Center.

Official Working Hours and Days

The Center is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  The total number of normal working hours will be thirty-eight hours per week.  The working hours may vary depending on the time schedule (working hours) of a certain department and/or unit.  It could be in the morning, afternoon, evening or night or a combination of all of these.  In addition, an Employee may be required to render extra duties and work on public holidays that normally the Employee is eligible.   An Employee is entitled to an average of at least one day off in a week.

Public Holidays

Employees of the Center is eligible to public holidays as declared by the government and as applicable in the Sultanate.

With regard to departments and/or units that operate on a shift system, it is the responsibility of the Head of the Department to determine the appropriate working hours.


The Employer will provide at the beginning of the tour-of-duty air ticket for travel from the Employee’s nearest international airport of embarkation and from that international airport to the Sultanate of Oman for the Employee and his/her family (as defined in the contract service).

The Employer will provide round trip air tickets, between the Sultanate and permanent residence for the Employee and his/her family (as defined in the contract service), for annual leave travel once each contract year of service in accordance with the Center’s policies and regulations.


Housing allowance will be provided by the Center as per rules and regulations.

In cases where both husband and wife are employed by the Center or at any government institution in the Sultanate of Oman, they will be entitled to only one set of allowances (Housing, Electricity, and Water), which will be paid to either one of them.

Health Benefits

All  Employees of the Center and their families (under the Center’s sponsorship) are entitled to use (free of charge) the full range of medical and health services provided by and within the Sultanate of Oman.  However, this does not include either private rooms or private consultations, for which fees are payable by the Employee, nor does it include prosthetic devices, spectacles, hearing aids, dentures, plastic surgery solely for cosmetic reasons, cardiac pacemakers and similar supportive devices.

Training and Development

The Center supports and encourages education, training and development opportunities as part of its commitment in keeping its vision  of a learning organization and providing continuous quality improvement.

  • – The Training Department identify the annual training plans in collaboration with Medical Departments depending on the nature of jobs.
  • – For the purposes of training and improving Employee’s performance, the Employee may be nominated (subject to his/her direct supervisor’s recommendation) to attend conferences, training programs and workshops relevant to his/her work, whether organized by the Center or by outside institutions.

Job Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is a regular (annual) review of an Employee’s job performance and overall contribution at the Center.  All Employees are subject to an annual review or performance appraisal to evaluate their skills, achievements, contributions, behavior, actions and dealing with others. 

Promotion and Incentives

  • – The Employee shall be promoted to a higher degree based on the availability of Grade and outcome of the job performance assessment.  Promotion(s) and incentives are also based as per procedures and executive rules governing them.
  • – An annual increase is granted to the Employee upon completion of his/her yearly contract of service. Or if the employee, has completed at least six months of his/her appointment and a satisfactory performance appraisal.


Annual Leave

  1. – Employees are entitled to the number of days of leave as specified in their contract of service to be taken when work schedules permit and after due approval by the Center’s authorities.
  2. – Employees should fill out and sign a Leave Request Form a month or less before their requested leave.  The form should be submitted to the Department of Human Resources after being approved by their direct supervisor.
  3. – The Employee may not  be allowed for an annual leave before, at least six months from the date of his/her joining the Center, except in cases where the Head of the Department deemed it as necessary.

Sick Leave

Absence due to illness exceeding one day of duty can be taken, subject to the submission of a medical certificate signed by an approved medical practitioner employed by the government of the Sultanate, or up to a maximum of sixty days each contract year (of service) may be taken.

Emergency Leave

Emergency leave up to a maximum of ten (10) days per contract year of service may be taken in exceptional cases acceptable to the Head of the Department or the Human Resources Department.

Al Hajj Leave

A Muslim Employee is entitled to twenty (20) days special leave to perform the pilgrimage (Hajj) duty to Mecca provided that he/she has not been previously granted such special leave during his contract service. The Employee shall present the Hajj leave application to his/her supervisor one month before the expected date of travel.

Maternity Leave

A female married Employee who becomes pregnant (during her term of duty) will be entitled to fifty days maternity leave on full pay every alternate year and such leave shall be granted five times for Omani female staff and twice for non-Omani staff.

Expiration or Termination of the Contract Service

  1. – If neither party notifies the other in writing of his/her intention not to renew the contract, at least three months before its expiration date, the Contract shall be deemed to have been renewed for another year and further renewal shall be in the same manner.
  1. – The Employer may terminate the Contract at any given time during the  contractual period by giving the Employee three months’ advance (written) notice or three months’ salary in lieu thereof and providing return transport and shipment of personal effects to the international airport nearest to the Employee’s permanent residence.
  1. – If the Employer terminates the Contract for reasons of misconduct, or for the Employee’s breach of the Regulations or By-Laws of Sultan Qaboos University Council, or because of his/her willful breach of the conditions of the Contract the provision of Clause O.ii do not apply.  In such cases, the Employer is required to give the Employee one month advance written notice or one month’s pay in lieu thereof.
  1. – The Employee may terminate the Contract at any given time during the contractual period by giving the Employer three months advance written notice.
  • – The Contract may be terminated by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Employee when there are compelling reasons personal to the Employee and acceptable to the Employer.   Moreover, when the Employee’s condition, as attested by a Medical Board, precludes his/her efficient performance or is such that continued employment is hazardous to his/her well-being.
  1. – Without prejudice to any provision in the employment contract, the Employer shall have the absolute right to terminate the Contract of Service in any of the following events:
    1. – If the Employee is guilty of dishonesty or misconduct, omission or commission of any act which, in the opinion of the Employer is likely to bring the Employer or any officials or employees of the Employer into disrepute, whether or not such dishonesty, misconduct, act or omission  is directly related to the affairs of the Employer.
    2. – If the Employee becomes unfit to fulfill the duties or obligation of his/her employment contract through willful neglect or reasonable health precautions or otherwise through his/her own fault.
    3. – If the Employee commits any material breach of any of his/her duties of obligations under the employment contract.
    4. -If the Employee is found to have made or given any false statement or document testifying to his/her ability or competence or relating to his/her state of health, knowing that such statement or document is false.

End of Service Benefits (Gratuity)

Upon completion of the Contract of Service, the Employee shall be entitled to a gratuity of an amount equivalent to his basic salary for each completed year of service.  Gratuity thus payable shall not exceed twelve (12) ultimate basic salaries [maximum entitlement of Twelve (12) years of service].