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SQCCCRC has started receiving patients for Radioiodine (I131) Therapy

The Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center has started receiving patients for Radioiodine (I131) Therapy, where 28 patients have received the therapy within two months.

Dr Khulood Al Riyami, Nuclear Medicine Consultant and Section Head said: “Radioiodine (I131) Therapy has been used in treating Thyroid Cancer patients for decades with minimal side effects compared to other types of therapy and is generally well tolerated by patients. The decision on a patient’s suitability for such treatment and the required dose is made by the nuclear medicine physicians after evaluating each patient histopathological and lab test results, ultrasound and x-ray scans.”

“The ward includes 4 isolated rooms and a mini hot lab for I131 capsule dose preparation and quality check. It is properly prepared and shielded according to the standard for radiation protection purposes with a separate drainage delay tank to store the radioactive waste” Dr Al Riyami added.

She explained: “All rooms are provided with radiation detectors to monitor radiation levels during the patient’s admission, and All Radioiodine (I131) patients are consulted by the medical physics team about radiation protection instructions that should be followed pre, during and post therapy, in addition, the rooms are well prepared by the nurses and medical physics team in advance before the patient’s admission to reduce risk of radioactive contamination. This includes covering surfaces, beds and floors with disposable waterproof sheets and assigning dedicated leaded waste bins. Additionally, once the patient is discharged, a through workflow for the waste management is followed to allow proper handling and disposal of such waste”.

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