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Campaign for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center (SQCCCRC) implemented the October Campaign for Early Detection of Breast Cancer, in which 80 female employees and volunteers, aged forty and above, participated. 

Dr. Badriya Al-Qassabiya, Senior Consultant Radiologist, said: “We launched the campaign on 1st of October as part of SQCCCRCs’ activities to celebrate the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to urge women to undergo periodic examinations for early detection of breast cancer, especially for those over thirty years of age.  Within the next 31 days, the campaign witnessed a high turnout of women who came for breast examination, and negative results were obtained, praise be to God, for most of the examinations, with the exception of one diagnosed with breast cancer, and three other cases that required medical intervention. 

In conjunction with the campaign, the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine hold, in over a period of seven days, a specialized training program for radiology technicians on Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA), in the presence of an international trainer from the leading American Academy in teaching breast imaging and training radiology technicians (Mammography Educators). 

Dr. Badriya Al-Qassabiya stated that the program aimed to train radiologists the standard protocols for mammograms using the latest imaging devices available at the Center, ensuring that examination(s) are performed with the highest accuracy and efficiency level. 

Dr. Al-Qassabiya added: “By following a unified technique of imaging, this will ensure that the results are accurate and correct.   This will also enable the medical team to accurately follow the development of the tumor’s condition.  And likewise, will reduce the examination period from 15 minutes to five minutes only, and increase the capacity of the mammography unit to accept more patient within the work day. 

The Breast Cancer Program team also organized an educational event for the patients and staff, which included several stations, starting with the radiology team to introduce methods of detecting breast cancer, and other stations in which the specialist clarifying misconceptions about the brast cancer causes, symptoms and methods of treatment. In addition to explaining the role of the members of the Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary team in planning patient treatment program, and the psychological, social, rehabilitative and nutritional support programs provided to patients at SQCCCRC. 

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