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Dr Amna Al-Harrasi
Consultant Palliative

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A Palliative Care and Cancer pain Consultant at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer care and research center since September 2021. Dr Amna’s Educational background started with MD degree obtained from Sultan Qaboos University in 2010 followed by Postgraduate Residency in Family medicine from Oman Medical Specialty Board in 2015.

Dr Amna developed special interest in the field of palliative care and pursued further qualification in Palliative care residency from McGill University from 2018-2019 followed by advanced study of Cancer pain fellowship from McGill University as well in 2019-2020. She worked in the field of primary care as family physician from 2015-2018. Dr Amna’s current clinical work is focused on palliative care and cancer pain management at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive care and research center (2021-2022). Her initial research interest was general medicine and primary care. Her current interests are palliative care especially in gastrointestinal malignancies, medical cannabis and cancer pain research. Dr Amna was awarded many honors awards the last was Outstanding resident from McGill University 2019. Dr Amna is a member of many international medical Societies including MASCC, EFIC, NCCN and ASCO.