Dr. Raj Sahajanandan (copy)
HOD Surgical Oncology Department.

1. Positions
Senior Consultant, Anesthesia
Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research CentreMar 22 to Present
Head of Anesthesia Department
Christian Medical College, VelloreMay 5, 2019 to Mar 22
Head of Cardiac anesthesia
Christian Medical College, VelloreJun 18 to Mar 22
Professor & Acting head of Cardiac Anesthesia
Christian Medical College, VelloreJun13 to Jun18
Associate professor
Christian Medical College, VelloreMar12 to Jun 13
Cardiac Fellow
Heart & Lung Centre, WolverhamptonMar11 to Feb 12
Trust Fellow
New Cross Hospital, WolverhamptonMar 10 to Feb 11
Cardiac Fellow
Heart & Lung Centre, WolverhamptonMar 09 to Mar 10
Asst Professor
Christian Medical College, VelloreJun 04 – Feb 09
Senior Registrar
Lakeshore Hospital and Research centre, Kochi, India.Feb 03– May 04
Senior Registrar
Maulana Azad Medical College, New DelhiJun 02 – Feb 03
Maulana Azad Medical College, New DelhiMay 99 – Apr 02
Ernakulam medical centerJan98 – Apr 99
Medical College TrivandrumJan 97 – Dec97
2. Education/training
Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala, India1996

Medicine and Surgery

Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
MD Anesthesia2002


Diplomate of National Board
National Board of Examinations2005


Fellow of Royal College of Anesthesia
Royal College of Anesthesia, London2010

Gynaecological Oncology

3. Publications

Book Chapters:

  1. Raj.S, Preeta J. Paediatric post anesthesia care unit. In: Rebecca J. Editor. Understanding Paediatric Anesthesia. 2nd edition. BI publications; 2008 (13) p 126-135.
  2. Raj.S, Rebecca J. Neonatal Surgical Emergencies. In: Rebecca J. Editor. Understanding Paediatric Anesthesia. 2nd edition. BI publications; 2008 (6) p 60-70.
  3. R.Sahajanandan, Amit Mathew, Rahul Pillai. Anesthesia for Tracheal Resection Surgeries, Anesthesia Year Book 2023, Indian College of Anesthesia ( Accepted)

Peer reviewed publications

  1.   A randomised control study comparing CMAC D blade video laryngoscope (hyperangulated blade) and Macintosh laryngoscope for insertion of a double lumen tube in patients undergoing elective thoracotomy. Amit Mathew, Roy Rajan Mathai, Bernice Theodery, Georgene Singh,Bijesh Yadav, Raj Sahajanandan. Accepted for Publication Anesthesia Essays & Research
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  7. A randomized clinical trial comparing the King Vision (channeled blade) and the CMAC (D blade) videolaryngoscopes in patients with cervical spine immobilization” Jacob Chandy, Melvin Alex Abraham, Rahul Pillai, Sajan Philip George, Raj Sahajanandan Accepted for publication JOACP
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  9.  Transcatheter aortic valve implantation with a novel pre-packaged self-expandable dry-tissue transcatheter aortic valve: a case report John JosePaul V GeorgeKrishnaprasath V.Raj Sahajanandan. European Heart Journal – Case Reports, Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2021
  10. Myocardial protection in cardiac surgery: Del Nido versus blood cardioplegia. Gladdy George A V Varsha Madhu Andrew Philip Reshma Vithayathil Dharini Srinivasan F X Sneha Princy Raj Sahajanandan Ann Card Anaesth 2020 Oct-Dec;23(4):477-484
  11. Thoracic Anaesthesia chapter Barash Clinical Anaesthesia South Asia Edition 2020
  12. Vascular Anaesthesia chapter Barash Clinical Anaesthesia South Asia Edition 2020
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