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"Radiation Safety Guide for Nuclear Medicine Professionals" inaugurated at SQCCCRC"

The Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at SQCCCRC, celebrated the launch of a Book titled “Radiation Safety Guide for Nuclear Medicine Professionals”, which came as a result of Medical Physics Unit team efforts in publishing of various presentations, articles, and publications in international scientific journals.

The Book co-authored by Dr.Subhash Chand Kheruka, Consultant, Medical Physics and his team at SQCCCRC, in cooperation with three co-authors from international medical and research centers in India, published by Springer Nature Private Limited, a leading global educational and professional publishers of scientific research, books, and journals.

Dr.Subhash Chand Kheruka said: “With 24 chapters, The book covered Radiation physics, biological bases of radiation protection, planning and design of nuclear medicine, cyclotron and high-dose treatment facilities, radiation safety in nuclear medicine, and radiopharmaceutical preparation. It also covers radiation detectors, quality assurance of PET, gamma cameras, and SPECT, emergency preparation in nuclear medicine, CT dosimetry, transport regulations, and radioactive waste management. The book was written in an easy language to be a reference for nuclear medicine professionals from different level of experience and knowledge.”

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