Dr Ikram Ali Burney (copy)
Head, women Health Program
1. Positions
Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology Head, women Health Program
Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research CentreAug 2021 - to date
Visiting Faculty,
Panjwani Center of Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Karachi UniversityMarch 2018 – to date
Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology
Christian Medical College, VelloreJun 18 to Mar 22
Professor & Acting head of Cardiac Anesthesia
Department of Medicine, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, OmanSept 2006-Aug 2021
Consultant Oncologist
Department of Medicine, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, OmanJan 03-Sept 2006
Lecturer & Consultant Oncologist
Department of Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, PakistanApril 97- Jan 2003
Honorary Clinical and research Fellow
Department of Medical Oncology, Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust, Southampton, UKFeb 99 – Nov 99
Department of Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, PakistanMay 95 – April 97
Resident in Medicine
Department of Medicine, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
Clinical Attachment
Department of Oncology, Hammersmith Hospital, LondonSept 88 – April 92
Studied for MSc
Royal Post-Graduate Medical School, University of London, UKSept 87 – July 88
Internship in Medicine (6 months) and Surgery (6 months)
Liaquat Medical College hospital, Jamshoro & Hyderabad, Sindh, PakistanJuly 86 – July 87
2. Education/training
Sindh University197-1986


Univ of London1987-1988


Diplomate of National Board
National Board of Examinations2005

Exp Pathology

Univ of London1988-1992


Certificate of Training
Aga Khan Univ Hospital1992-1995


Certificate of Training
Aga Khan Univ Hospital1995-1997

Medical Oncology

Certificate of Training
Southampton University Hospital NHS trust1999

Medical Oncology

3. Publications
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