Operational Model & Organization Structure

The Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center has been working with Deloitte to create a unique approach to hospital care. The operational model and organization structure needed to abide by 5 key principles

Having a traditional more vertical organization structure, created unnecessary bureaucratic barriers to efficient work, increasing the number of staff needed to achieve tasks and creating silos. These silos were not patient centric leading to delays in care and dissatisfaction. In addition, research efforts would also be in silos and very superficial.

Based on the above it was clear that a new approach was needed. So how did other cancer centers fix these issues? The CCCRC & Deloitte conducted various workshops and joint research on this topic. Each model was benchmarked against the 5 key principles presented, highlighting what practices best achieved each point.

Finally, a new hybrid matrix approach was conceived, where the center has a semi flat organization structure with vertices focusing on 6 programs namely

All these vertices are fed by horizontal services like physiotherapy, radiology etc…

This unique approach fulfills all the key 5 key principles

  1. Patient Centricity, due to the program vertices patients are under the care of a program, negating the need for referrals and other processes that delay care. Efficiency is achieved, while patients receive holistic care.
  2. Clinical Programs & Research excellence, due to the multidisciplinary approach using programs rather than departments, research ideas will be more refined, efforts and resources are better utilized and research in encouraged and expected from each program.
  3. Accountability, there is clear accountability for patient care, research generation and academic journeys 
  4. Flat Structure, by having a matrix the org structure was not more that 4 levels deep, enabling quickdecision making and high performance.
  5. Scalability & Cost effectiveness, As the org structure is program based, it can easily be scalable 

One area that was of concern was staff development, given that the staff don’t belong to a department or section. This was also addressed in the Organization structure in a unique way. The CCCRC will open its doors with an operational model unlike any hospital in the region, following new and advanced trends from worldwide examples with a local flavor.

 We thank Deloitte for their help and we look forward to our patients experiencing a new efficient system focusing on their satisfaction and we look forward to hearing their feedback. 

Author: zalmandhari