Job Descriptions

The #CCCRC in on the verge of completing another important milestone

As part of patient centered care and in keeping with the 5 principles of our org structure mentioned earlier, many job titles had functions that needed to be clearly identified. So, the #CCCRC worked with #Deloitte to create job descriptions for every unique job in the center. This step is necessary for recruitment and clarifying expectations. It also demolishes many bureaucratic barriers that may arise. 

Each Job description has the following sections

  1. Job Detail
  2. Job Purpose
  3. Org Structure
  4. Key Committees attached to the job
  5. Key responsibilities 
    • Regulatory & Administrative roles (Strategic, Operational, Monitoring & People management)
    • Clinical responsibilities 
    • Research
    • Academic & Training
    • Performance review & Appraisal
  6. Key KPIs
  7. Job requirements (Qualifications & experience needed to fill the job)

All new employees will have clear expectations, and the interview committee also knows what to look for in the candidates applying.

Author: zalmandhari