Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center
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CCCRC Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be a world leading and reliable cancer medical center in the field of research, academics and patient care


The Center is committed to providing the appropriate environment for scientific cancer research and patient care. The Center supports patients, physicians, scientists, and staff to continuously advance clinical and scientific innovation in cooperation with government and private institutions inside and outside the Sultanate.

Key Objectives

• Provide continuous patient care of the highest international standards for cancer patients in the Sultanate and over time also for patients from abroad.

• Support and undertake scientific cancer research in the Sultanate.

• Support the professional development of physicians and scientists in the field of research and enhance the quality and type of research.

• Provide scientific and evidence-based advisory services in cancer care and research to government and private hospitals.

• Raise awareness about cancer, and its prevention, diagnosis, and early detection throughout the Sultanate and educate secondary care physicians through awareness programs.

• Contribute to training of Omani doctors specialized in the field of cancer.

• Integrate and cooperate with national, regional and international institutions to enhance patient care and research activities of the Center.


6 thoughts on “Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center”

  1. Elhaseen says:

    I am Sudanese orthopedic surgeon interested to get a job with you
    As a fellowship in orthopedic oncology

    1. admin says:

      We have answered your query by email
      Thanks for your interest

  2. Dr .Nayyar Ali Akhtar Niyaz MBBS , DCP London, PhD Germany says:

    Ready to serve in Oman . CV on google. Nayyar Ali Akhtar Niyaz, oman

  3. NOORA says:

    When will it be ready (Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center)?
    Where can I find more information? Comprehensive Cancer Care & Research Center

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your interest in the Center
      Soon we will be updating to our new website, with much more information
      In the mean time visit our LinkedIn page you should find more information there

  4. Shareef Alhashemi says:

    Salam Alykum
    I am So happy with this Great Center
    When i pass near to the center going to my Office in the SQU-Chemistry Department
    I am watching new hope to the all Cancer patients
    Hope i can participate in Cancers Research with my experience in Chemistry Field

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